See what the experts are saying

Jeff Quint

Owner, Cedar Ridge Vineyards

Here at Cedar Ridge our restaurant closes every Sunday and we don’t re-open until Wednesday. In the past that meant every Sunday we had to pour out hundreds of dollars of wine. Now, with Repour, we simply replace the corks with the stopper when we leave here on Sunday. When we come back on Wednesday the wines are as fresh as they were when we opened them.

Jon McDaniel

Food + Wine Magazine Sommelier of the Year

As a sommelier and wine professional, maintaining the freshness of each bottle for my guests is a top priority. From the first time I tested Repour in my restaurants and on my personal wines, I was incredibly impressed with how days—even weeks– after opening the bottle, that the integrity and flavor profile of the wine was still completely intact.

If you’re looking for an easy to use system to keep your wines as fresh as the day you opened them, then you should definitely look to Repour.

Ron Georgiou

Master of Wine

Repour could be a game changer. Having worked with preservation systems for over 20 years, this product trumps everything else currently available. I trialed it for 4 weeks on numerous varieties and on bottles from different countries. I have taken different amounts of wine out of each bottle to see if there was any impact on the quality of the wine dependent on the amount of oxygen in the bottle. In all cases the wine presented beautifully on opening. If anything, the system works too well – you sometimes need to allow some small time of air exposure again to open the wine.

A great, simple, and cost effective product that has a place in any wine lover’s home or in any commercial operation. This is a product for those who care about delivering a quality wine down to the last drop in the best possible condition.

Elizabeth Dames

Advanced Sommelier

Most wine preservation products I have tried are cost and time prohibitive. Since we started using Repour, I’m savings hundreds of dollars each month on wine waste. Repour is both effective and easy to use. We’ve been able to expand our BTG offerings in our a la carte dining and reduced waste considerably for our banquet business. Repour is working great for us!

Wes Hagen

Winemaker, J Wilkes Wines

Repour has revolutionized how I use and handle wine samples in the market. Where I used to get one or two days of fresh wines in my sample bag, I can use Repour to stretch those samples for weeks with no loss in quality. Between our tasting room and my samples in the market, Repour is destined to save the Miller Family Wine Company and J Wilkes Wines thousands of dollars a year!

Will Costello

Master Sommelier

After 6 weeks of testing Repour on a number of different wines, and using the skills I have learned over my career as a Master Sommelier, I can say Repour is one of the most astonishing products I have seen in over 10 years. I use the word astonishing exactly to its definition; “extremely surprising or impressive; amazing.”

Andrea Pritzker

Master of Wine

As a Master of Wine, it’s always been important to me to find a way to preserve open wine samples and avoid pouring beautiful wines down the drain due to oxidation. Intrigued by the claims made about Repour, I was keen to give it a try. For two months, I trialed Repour on a variety of white, red and sweet wines at various ullage levels over periods up to two weeks at a time.

I was incredibly impressed with how well Repour performed, preserving the exact aromas and flavors of the wine as they were on the day the wine was opened.

It’s simple, easy to use and can be reused over the life of a bottle, making it ideal for both home and professional use. Best of all, it’s recyclable. I was so pleased with the product I’ve bought some for myself and will be recommending it to my students and customers.

Kevin Vogt

Master Sommelier

We pour over 70 wines by the taste and by the glass in our wine shop and tasting room. Before Repour, we were wasting quite a bit of wine. Coravin is not optimized for pouring two ounce pours over a long period of time, so when bottles would get below 1/2 full, they would start to oxidize and we would have to use them quickly or lose them. Since we started using Repour, our lost wine on bottles has dropped to nearly zero. Thanks for creating such a brilliant product.