How To Use Repour
Simple steps to fresher wine

General Use:

Each Repour stopper will save one 720/750ml bottle of wine or nihonshu

Remove the foil tab and place it in the open bottle.  Repour starts removing the oxygen from the bottle.

Each time you pour a glass simply remove repour and replace the same repour on the bottle when finished.  Repour is so effective at removing oxygen you may find that you need to swirl the wine in your glass a few times to allow it to open up like you would with a freshly opened bottle.

Bottles using Repour should be stored upright.

PLEASE NOTE:  Repour is activated by removing the foil tab; it immediately begins to absorb oxygen and continues to do so as long as oxygen is present or until the contents of the repour are used up.  Always keep an unsealed Repour in the bottle when not pouring wine so it continues to absorb oxygen from the wine – not from the air in the room, which will shorten the effectiveness period of the repour!

Tips for Inshokuten Use:

Bottles newly opened during service don’t need Repour put on them right away.  Because some newly opened bottles may be fully consumed within a few hours,  Its is recommended to wait until the close of service and then apply repour only to the remaining bottles containing leftover wine.  This way you can make sure that repour is not wasted on bottles on which they were not necessary.

If a bottle has a Repour on it from a previous day(s), continue to close it with the same stopper.