What is Repour’s Advantage Over Products like on Vacuum Pumps, Active Filtration, or Gas Injection/Displacement Systems?

  • While a vacuum pump can slow the degradation of your wine, the best-case scenario is that it’s only good for 2 or 3 days at most.  If you properly “pull” a vacuum on the bottle, it can also pull out the wine’s aromatics and flavors – which do not return. Even if used correctly, it only creates up to a 75% vacuum, which still leaves a lot of oxygen in the bottle to cause damage. Leakage is another consideration, and some tests also show the seal on the vacuum can be completely broken within 12 hours.  Air is made up of 21% oxygen, and Repour creates a 21% vacuum inside the bottle which means virtually zero oxygen is present to damage your wine.
  • Carbon and other filters can actively remove delicate aromatics and flavors from the wine, changing it irreversibly.  Repour preserves these flavors and aromas, while preserving wine far longer than filter caps can.   Wine that has been preserved with repour for up to two months has been documented in independent blind tastings to be indistinguishable from a freshly opened bottle of the same wine.
  • Injection systems using needles are great for dispensing sample-sized portions of wine without the need to remove the cork, but they less suited to a service environment since serving a full glass with these systems is slow and often messy.  Additionally, they require training and careful use as they tend to be fragile.  Repour allows you to serve and preserve your wine with no training or learning curve.  It’s as easy as putting a stopper in a bottle!
  • Gas canisters and cartridges need constant replacement and along with the equipment itself, is typically too expensive to use on all but the most expensive bottles.  The price point of repour allows it to be used on all of your bottles without having to worry about costs.