The Repour stopper is the easiest, most effective wine and nihonshu preserver there is. 

Repour is the first product of its kind to actively and continuously preserve the original aroma and taste by eliminating ALL of the oxygen from your wine and nihonshu. 

No oxygen means your wine doesn’t degrade.  

Instead of throwing out a bottle of wine that has gone bad, or messing with complex and ineffective vacuums, pumps, cartridges, batteries, and other contraptions, simply insert the Repour wine stopper in place of the bottle’s original cork, and preserve the wine for the life of the opened bottle while enjoying it by the glass. 

Your favorite wine perfectly preserved.  

Enjoy every glass.

Repour keeps your opened wine and sake in optimal condition

Repour eliminates wine and sake spoilage and waste


Once the bottle has been opened, wine and nihonshu begin to loose their characteristic flavors and become less enjoyable due to the effect of oxygenation.  For most people the timeframe over which the flavors becomes noticeably diminished can be as soon as one day in more delicate or older wines, to two or three days for more robust, younger wines and nihonshu.


repour’s unique technology absorbs virtually all the oxygen from the air in the bottle as well as the oxygen that has dissolved into the wine itself, preventing the effects of oxidation on the wine and preserving its flavors and aromas. Because this process of oxygen absorption within the repour stopper is continuous, using repour in place of a cork on your opened wine will keep it fresh and tasting as good as new for up to two months while consuming the wine glass by glass over that time.

So whether your goal is to eliminate wine waste at your home or restaurant, or just to ensure your wine is kept at optimal condition from the moment it’s opened until the bottle is empty, with repour it’s as easy as putting a stopper in a bottle!